Website Development

Website development is a bt different than web site design. Website design has more to do with the UX and the UI or in other words the physical layout and screen design of the website. Website Development is the implimentation of functionality to a website that makes the website fluid and interactive.

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What is a Website Development?

A website is created to transfer information to the user however because of website development the capabilities of a website is almost unlimited. The development of a website is usually done with software and coding protocols that make the website perform a variety of tasks over an Internet Browser. 

Website designers and developers need one another to be able to create an application that is both functional and interactive. Developers must take into consideration the transactions and interactions that will be performed on the website. 

DivineWeb has been designing and developing websites for over a decade and has worked for or along side 7 major corporations and hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As the Internet changes the methods and process used in creating websites and mobile apps have become easier to perform but more complex to implement. 

Creating websites is not as difficult as it was over a decade ago thanks to modern 5 generation coding platforms. 

What is a Web server?

A web server is a computer that is set up to hold your computer files so they can be accessed from any other computer or device that is connected to the Internet.

The content of a website, such as text, photographs, video, and application data, is stored and sent by a web server to clients who request it. A web browser program is the most prevalent sort of client, and it requests data from your website when a user clicks on a link or downloads a document from a page displayed in the browser.

Different Types of Web Development Tools

There are many different types of tools that can be used to create a website and they may differ depending on the goals of the business.

Although there are may ways to create a website each platform has it’s pros and cons.  Websites do not have to be complicated and in many cases less is more.

JavaScript/ ReactJS
Python/ Django
Other Applications

There are many other applications than can be used to create a website or a web app. The deeper that you get into website development and application creation the code that is used is more complex and versitile. 




Development Tools

Website Developers use a variety of tools in order to create a dynamic website. Many tools are add on’s, plug ins or applications that make the users experience convenient and powerful.

HTML is the markup language that gives text, image, or video elements the ability to be displayed, sent, and received by clicking on the elements.

CSS – Used alongside HTML, CSS provides the structure, coloring, width, length, style, and visual layout of the web page so it to be viewed from multiple devices.


PHP – (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a free open source scripting language that is  used ocommunicate information between the server and the browser. It can embedded into HTML, making it easier to add functionality to web pages without needing to call external files for data.

SQL – Structured Query Language – SQL is a programming language that is used to communicate with a database. According to ANSI (American National Standards Institute), it is the standard language for relational database management systems.

JavaScript is a programming language that is used to create Interactive events within web browsers. The JavaScript interactivity includes can calculate, manipulate and validate data.
WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which combines HTML/CSS, PHP/SQL and JavaScript. The WordPress Content Management System create a platform where you can easily combine these elements to create, customize and execute blogs, ecommerce, portfolio, or online store.

WordPress powers over 455 million websites word wide powering 39.5% of all websites in 2021.

According to search engine journal – WordPress is now powering 39.5% of all websites in 2021, up from powering 35% of sites in 2020. Counting only sites that use a content management system (CMS), WordPress has a market share of 64.1%. A significant number of websites (38.3%) use no content management system at all.


Progressive Web App (PWA) – A progressive web app is a website that is built to take advantage of native mobile device features, without requiring the end user to visit an app store, make a purchase and download software locally.

PWA vs Native Apps – Native apps are apps that are on the App Store or Google Play for you to download on to your phone. A PWA is short for Progressive Web App which is a website that can be used as an app however you do not have to go on the App Store or Google Play store.