Website Design

As business grows it is important to scale your landing page into a website that reflects the growth of your business.

What is a Website?

Many old school business owners wonder if having a website is really worth the effort.

If You Don't Have a Website

We help you with determining the best way for you to build and launch your brand online.

Website Maintenance

Every website must be maintained consistently in order for it to attract clients and rank on the search engines.

Getting Started

Our free 15 minute consultation gives you a quick overview of how our services can help you.

If you have an existing website, it is important to utilize it to connect with your visitors as much as possible without being overbearing. It is not only an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to your customers but for you to also get feedback from them to improve your product or service.

There are many businesses out there that have websites that have not been updated in months and even years. Static websites are basic web pages and do not need to be updated that often, but it is still important to at least update the website regularly to keep up with the changes made on the web.

Also, as laws and regulations change it is important to stay up to date on how they may affect your business. Many businesses that have websites begin to get static and sometimes run out of ideas to keep their audience engaged.

Keeping Your Website Updated

Design Responsiveness
It is important that you check your website to make sure that it can be viewed clearly from different desktops laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Visitors to your website will get frustrated and leave as soon as they see that the website is not optimized for their device.

Responsiveness does not only mean optimized for just mobile phones nowadays it includes voice searches and ADA accessibility. As the web continues to evolve it is important to make sure that your content is straight, to the point, and easily read on all devices.

Your content must be readable and optimized for both humans and search engines while staying within the guidelines set by the Wc3 standards and guidelines.

Search Engine Optimization and SERP

SEO is the lifeblood of a website. As an ongoing process SEO must be the focus of your online and offline marketing and advertising campaigns. You will see many theories about SEO online, but the best suggestions come from the search engines themselves. As the web evolves search engines update their bots to change the ranking algorithm (requirements for the search) to fit the way people search. SEO must be tailored for social media, mobile devices, and voice searches.
We assist you by providing search engine optimization and analysis to keep you one step ahead of your competitor. Our services include
1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO
3. Technical SEO
4. Social Media SEO