There are a lot of awesome tools and resources out there that will help you with creating a powerful web presence. Researching whats available is important to find the best option for your website needs.

A lot of research goes into building a website and the results of your research will make a big difference in how your website performs against others in your category.


I found that many times when people think of creating a website they are not sure of the capabilities of their online presence unless they do a thorough research of available tools that they can use to help them with finding the best tools available to help them with researching their goal. In order to do extensive research it is important that you ask the right questions in order to be able to research the right answers.

When you visit a website you can tell of they did any research or if the research that was performed was not effecient to make the website worth visiting.

  • Detailed Research
  • Research Images
  • Content Keywords
  • Research Video 
  • Find corresponding text
  • Check the competitions website
  • Research trends in the marketplace


The research does not have a set pattern because it is determined by your industry and business model.  The more indepth research that you perform the better your website will be and the more engagement that you will have with your readers.


How is Research Done?

  • Gather all of the information from brainstorming.
  • Create a list of questions that your customers need answered.
  • Combine your list of questions with solutions and answers.
  • Look at other online websites and publications in your industry.
  • Create your own plan of action based on your finding.

We Will Help You Research

Google is an excellent place to start your reseach however there are many more platforms that are just as powerful as Google. 

We can help you by researching your industry trends, competiting websites,  customers needs and relevant keywords.  

The first step in creating a powerful website is planning. While Planning determine your goals and how you plan to accomplish them with your website.

The more that you research your product/ service the better prepared you will be to make informed decisions that will benefit your business.

In order for you to have a Website that ranks well with people and with the search engines it is important to have compelling content.

After you have gathered all of your information it is time for you to collect the images that you plan to use for your website.

Collect Media
Organizing all of the information that you have collected from your brainstorming sessions, research and the tools that you ave collected will make the process quick and easy.