Landing Page

If you are in business it is very important that you have the ability to effectively communicate your brand in order for you to collect leads, build relationships and increase sales.

Domain Name

Creating the right domain name for your business is the first step in building your online brand.

Website Hosting

Your web hosting is important for your website to be able to handle the traffic, speed and security of your website.

Content Creation

Creating compelling content consists of combining the right keywords, images, video or audio .


Optimizing your website for search engines will assist you building multiple traffic sources.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a small website that consists of between 1 and 3 pages that are focused on a single products of service.

When a person clicks on a link that they receive from an email or an advertisement it brings them to a page that is dedicated to a single product or service.

Once the person lands on the landing page they are presented with detailed information on the product and service provided. Within the landing page there is an offer and a call to action for the person to respond to the information. A common trait of all landing pages is that they offer something in return for the customers information.

There are 3 types of landing pages

  1. Lead Generator – Designed to give the customer something in return for their email address and permission to contact them in the future.
  2. Splash Page – Created as an opening page to a website or a web portal such as Starbucks or McDonalds log in to their wifi portal.
  3. Sales/Subscription – Provide the customer with the ability to order and purchase a product or service right over the landing page.

How Does a Landing Page Work?

When someone clicks your advertisement, image, or post it brings them to a Landing Page that provides them with valuable detailed information about your offer and how it will benefit them. During the process, you offer a free gift in exchange for the visitor’s email address and permission to connect with them for more information about your product or service.

Who Will Benefit from a Landing Page?

Any business or organization that depends on leads to grow their customer base. Having the permission and the ability to call and or email a potential client that is interested in your product or service is huge and very valuable. A well crafted Landing Page will be a automatic way to attract more interested buyers to your website and to your company.

Our Goal is Your Success

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The Free Offer

Every sucessful Landing Page provides a free offer to exchange the visitor for the permission to contact them in the future. It is important to make your offer something that is timely and valuable. Many of the successful offers involve a downloadable product such as a e-book, membership or audio that is exclusive to your offer. 

Once you provide the offer and collect the contact information it is important to complete a follow up asap. 

From Leads to Sales

Once you create and launch your Landing Page it is important that you begin to strategically plan on how you’re going to intereact with your clients and customers. As you build your Landing Page it is important to let your visitor know that you will be contacting them with more valuable information. Your next intereaction will be to make an appointment or a sale.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is more powerful than many people think because it is not apparent as SEO or social media. However, having a large email list of potential clients is a very valuable platform because you can connect directly with customers that have already shown interest in your product and service.

Along with the Landing Page, we also provide you with a way that you can connect with your clients via an email opt-in form. As your clients sign up on the email opt-in form the customers’ email address comes to your inbox. As you gather email addresses of the customers that show an interest in your product and services you can reach out to them at any time with new products, services, coupons, or just general information.  This approach is more targeted and much more profitable.

Email Strategy

Creating an email strategy is critical for the success of your email marketing campaign, The first thing that you must do is to create an automatic email response, so you don’t have to sit down and write a response for every person that inquiries about your business. In order for you to know what you want to put in your emails, you must ask yourself several questions first.

What are the greetings that I would like to use?
What content would I like to use in the body of the email?
What knowledge do you want to provide the client in the initial email that will keep them coming back?
What incentive do you want to give the customer for giving you permission to send emails to them?

Providing Knowledge

Some people may feel that email marketing is dead because there is not a lot of fan-fair about it. Also, finding the right words to say can be challenging. Not many people out there are experts at writing emails with worthy content, so a lot of people don’t even read their emails anymore.

However, quite the contrary, a good email can increase your authority and give more of a personalized touch by providing important information and critical information about you and your industry.

As you continue to provide this information through emails you will build your brand as an authority. There are some emails that get deleted before they are even opened and there are others that people keep for years to reference the information that you provided them. It is in your best interest to create the latter.

Products and Services

Excellent Tools – Amazing Services – Affordable Prices

Launching Your Landing Page

Once you complete the task of setting up your web presence it is time for you to plan how you are going to use the tools and resources that you have gathered in order to present your content.

In the phase there is no one size fits all. The way that you plan will depend on your business, your goals and your audience.

Although a majority of the planning stage will be geared towards your unique strategy there are some fundamental steps that you will have to take in order to assure success in any venture that involves placing your product of service on the web.