SEO Marketing

Whenever you have a website that is attracting visitors it requires regular maintenance for it to stay relevant and secure. We provide an outstanding maintenance service to keep your website secure and updated with the latest tools.

Powerful Website and App Maintenance

Keeping Your Website Up to Date

Every website needs to have a regular maintenance schedule.

Depending on the type of website your maintenance may be quick and easy or complicated and challenging.

If your website was set up correctly your maintenance will be quick and easy.

Also, website maintenance has a few different phases which include weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks that are designed to keep your website secure and up to date.

Our Maintenance Support Crew Tasks

We assist you with your website maintenance

Annual tasks
Renew your website domain name.
Consider updating your website design.
Review each page of the site to make sure its content is accurate.
Find your best-performing blogs and consider updating them.

Quarterly tasks
Review your website and check if there’s room for improvement.
Update your web graphics and photos.
Check your website content and make sure it’s up-to-date.
Update your meta descriptions and meta titles.
Make sure that the website is mobile-friendly and it displays nicely on all browsers.
Test and update popups, forms, and calls to action.
Check to see if anything needs to be changed or updated with your advertising and marketing campaigns.
Restore the most recent backup to check your backup health.

Monthly tasks
Test your website loading speed. If it takes more than three seconds to load, you should talk to your web developer.
Analyze your security scans and if there are any issues, make sure they’re resolved.
Analyze website statistics.
Check your local search visibility.

Weekly tasks
Check your website for 404 errors and if there are any, fix or 301 redirect them.
Update your core plugins and website software.
Post one or more blog posts to give relevant information to your customers and improve your SEO traffic.
Check for broken links.