What is a Website?

Although websites are virtually everywhere there are still some people who are not sure what they are. If you are a business owner it is imperative that you know what they are and the power of the web when used in marketing and building relationships.

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There are Different Types of Websites

What is a Website?
A lot of people have a vague idea of what a website is so the term website can cover a lot of different aspects of web publishing. When someone asks us the question “How much does it cost to have a website?” it is a difficult question to answer without knowing the type of website because there is a huge difference.

Types of Websites
The different types of websites can be categorized by their size and functionality. A website is any page, post, text, video, audio, or stream that can be seen over the Internet. There are one-page websites and websites with thousands of pages. The common denominator is that they all can be accessed by an Internet connection.

Many people do not realize that websites are legal documents that are regulated by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium which is a global organization that sets standards for all websites to ensure the protocols and guidelines for the web.


Different Types of Websites

The term websites can cover a wide variety of online documentation and all of them can be used in different ways for different purposes. All entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals should have a website that reflects their product or service. Below I have outlined some of the types of websites that we provide for our clients.

CV Curriculum Vitae
  1. CV Curriculum Vitae – Online resume – A CV is an online resume that goes deep into your career history and dictates your years of experience in a way that a normal resume is unable to present. The Online CV is typically between 3 and 5 pages and range in price between $30.00 and $250.00 (CV Research)
Online Gallery
2. Online Gallery – An online gallery is a modern and effective way for you to showcase your artwork. It is designed to showcase the work of a photographer, painter, graphic artist, and tattoo artist. Galleries give artists the opportunity to promote and sell their artwork online with automatic downloads and print-on-demand services. Online galleries typically start at $299.00 and up depending on the number of pages, forms, and functionality. (Online Gallery)
Online Portfolio
3. Online Portfolio- Designers, developers and creators need more than an Online Gallery to showcase their skills. An online portfolio is an intricate walkthrough of a series of processes that lead to a specific outcome. For instance, a software developer that created projects that relate to his specialty will need an online portfolio to send to prospective clients or employers. An architect, writer, engineer, or any other professional that has extensive documentation, video, audio, text, or presentations that require more intricate explanations and details of processes and results. Online Portfolios start at $399.00 (Online Portfolios)
Landing Page
  1. Landing Page – Squeeze Page – A landing page is one page “website” used to explain a product and a service in its entirety in order to capture the attention of the visitor. Some of the websites are designed to just provide information and free resources in exchange for the visitors email address. Once the email address is received you can maintain a relationship by sending newsletters and upcoming offers. Seminars are also sold through landing pages by offering the visitor the opportunity to join a zoom meeting or presentation. The third type of landing page of selling the product right over the page. In many cases, the product is a downloadable PDF book, audio, or video series with valuable information. In other instances, the visitor provides their credit card information and makes the purchase right over the landing page. Landing Pages start at $299.00
Informational Website
5. Informational website – An informational website is a static website that only has a few pages with information about the business. When a business is starting out with a low following it is important to start out with an informational website. As the business audience grows the business can invest in the development of the website more. Creating an informational website gives your customers the ability to learn more about your business and establish a relationship built on trust over time and consistency. Although your website is just information at this time it gives your business time to build your audience and to see what works with your particular constituency. As you grow you will learn which tools to add to your website in order for you and your business to be effective.
eCommerce Websites

E-commerce Website – An eCommerce website is a website in which you can accept electronic payments in the form of credit cards, bitcoin, check, money transfer etc. An eCommerce website provides a secure way for you to receive payments and have them directly sent to your bank account immediately. All businesses eventually need to have eCommerce capabilities on their website in order for them to provide convenience to their clients and customers.

Websites are as different as the business that they represent. There is no one size fits all, the best way to build the perfect website is to built it from your customers point of view. If you don’t know take a survey to find out.

Creative Content

Although websites are essential to the life of an online business the content is the blood that sustains all of the moving parts.

Website Portals

What is a Web Portal?
A web portal is a website that has additional functionality which allows the visitors to the website to log in and to create an account of their own. A web portal provides the used with the experience of creating their own username and password to log into a dashboard. Within the web portal the user may be able to contact other website users within the confines of the website and post information, such as images, audio, video, or text. Social media websites are perfect examples of website portals because they provide the website user with their own space.


Different Types of Web Portals
A Web Portal is a website that provides the user with dynamic capabilities than a traditional website. Because a web portal has multiple functionalities it has the power to provide clients with ways for them to complete tasks that usually required a software operating system.

A Web Portal provides the user of your website with the ability to log into their own account upload and store files, chat with other users and a host of other things that make your web portal dynamic and interactive. The following type of websites are considered web portals;

Patient Portals
Booking Websites
Social Media Websites
Vendor Portals

Leverage for Marketing

If you don’t have a website or if your website needs to be updated DivineWeb will help you complete your set up within 72 hours. Our process is simple, straight forward and affordable. Our step by step process will make your website stand our from the competition.

Our step by step process includes:

1. Domain Name – Your domain name should represent your business brand.
2. Website Hosting – The server that will host your domain name and website.
3. Design Tools – Collect themes and plug ins needed for your website.
4. Content – Gather the keyword content (images and text) for the website.
5. Functionality – What tools do you need to engage with your audience.
6. Media – Collect and edit images, audio and video.
7. SEO – Submit your website to search engines and directories.