Basic Website

As business grows it is important to scale your landing page into a website that reflects the growth of your business.

Basically Powerful!

Do You Really Need a Website?

As a business owner you know the first thing that people are ask you is if you have a website. There was a time that  if you didn’t have a website  it was no big deal. But now in 2022 if you don’t have a website or if your website is not professional it will cost you a sale. More importantly it can cost you a relationship with a loyal customer.

Consumers have a lot of choices nowadays and most people scan the Internet to find the most affordable and reliable product or service for their money.

If your business needs a powerful website but have a limited budget the Basic Website is an excellent choice for you.

The Basic Website is a powerful and  effective way to provide your visitor with all of  the information they need about your business’ products and services.

The Basic website Include the following pages:

Basic Website

A Basic Website is between 5 and 10 pages describing your business, product and service. It also provides a way for someone to contact you through your email address or contact form.

Who is a Basic Website For?

A Basic Website is for any entreporenuer, small business or executive that need to have more than a social media presence. Perfect for business owners that do not have a large following online yet can but need more control over how they present their image and brand to their clients.

How Can a Basic Website Help My Business?
A Basic Website will help you grow your business by providing your business with the basic pages for customers to be able to learn more about your business and the products and services that you provide. Then Basic Website is the first step for your business to build brand loyalty by displaying authority in your industry. As you collect an email following your basic website will grow and attract its own following.
Products & Services

The Basic Website offers 5 products and or services that you can add on to your website. The shopping cart lets your client order their physical, digital product or service make a payment and receive an email receipt after ordering.

Email Address

We set you up with your email address for with your domain name attached to your website. The best way to communicate with your client with your own private email address.

Basic Website

Pages include

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